• Germany is the country of insurance companies.
  • German people are cold and reserved.
  • The Germans only drink beer and eat Currywurst & other sausages.
  • German people are known for having a big mouth.
  • German guys aren’t romantic at all.
  • Almost all Germans have a dog.
  • Germans are very bad at speaking English.
  • If you see a person putting a towel on a sunlounger at the beach/pool early in the morning, it’s definitely a German.
  • They usually spend their holidays on Mallorca.
  • Everyone drives a BMW.
  • Germans are fatter than other European people.
  • The German language sounds harsh.
  • Germans love rules.
  • They usually wear Lederhosen.

Do you know more stereotypes about them?

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  1. atrejane hat geantwortet: Germans are not friendly with people from east Europe (as I heard. And this was even proved long ago. But Now I have many friends.)
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